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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Government of Goa Issues Exemption from Inspection

In the latest notification issued by the Government of Goa, it has laid down rules for inspection of establishments, based on parameters covered under various applicable Acts and Rules. In accordance, inspection will be carried out as under:

-          High Risk establishments will be inspected by concerned Labour Inspectors

-          Medium Risk establishments may choose between either third party or departmental inspection

-          Low Risk establishments are essentially exempt from inspection and may produce self-certified documents.

Various labour laws have been covered under the scope of this notification, the list is made available in the Gazetted Notification.

Criteria for risk assessment include:

-          Number of workers: High risk - employing over 100 workers; Medium risk – employing 10 to 100 workers; Low risk – employing less than 10 workers (calculated as number employed including contract or outsourced workers on any day in preceding year)

-          Number of contract workers: High Risk – contract workers exceeds 25% of total employed workers; Medium risk – contract workers is under 25% of total employed workers (applicable on any day of preceding calendar year)

-          Nature of activity of establishment: List of industries qualifying as High and Medium risk itemised in notification

-          Exemption from inspection/ self-certification: Medium risk – establishments with record of satisfactory compliance record over last 5 years under all Acts, provided no reports of accidents, complaints and lock down filed. This is valid every year for an initial period of 2 years Low risk – may file self-certified documents every year for all Acts. Random inspection may be carried out, and defaulters will have third party certification revoked.   

-          Third party certification: Medium risk – establishment may opt for Third Party certification for 2 years, after which inspection will be carried out by Labour Inspector. The following year, they may opt for Third Party Inspection again, renewing the cycle. All annual returns will be furnished annually duly certified by either Third party or with self-certification.

Kindly view the Official Gazetted Notification for the following:

-          Acts and Rules under the Scope of Inspection Policy

-          List of industries falling under high and medium risk establishments

-          Official Holiday List – 2018

The notification is available at

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