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Friday, 22 September 2017

Revised Procedure For Transfer of Accounts under EPF Scheme

Through the EPF Scheme, the Central Office has listed clearly the steps to be followed in order to transfer accounts. The process is as follows:

1.       For employees with an existing UAN, employer will need to go through registration formalities on the portal. Details that need to be furnished include:

-          Past UAN

-          Aadhar number

-          Name and date of birth

This is important since there have been several cases of incorrect linking of members and UAN.

2.       Data shall then be validated against UAN for any discrepancies.

3.       In cases where Aadhar number and UAN have been verified and seeded before, request made through Form 11 will prompt an automated transfer where existing accumulations will be added to the new PF ID. An automated SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number intimating the proposed transfer. The auto transfer will only proceed further if:

-          There is no request to stop the auto transfer by the member within 10 days of sending SMS (the transfer may be stopped online, by visiting the nearest EPFO office or through the employer)

-          The first deposit by current employer is deposited and reconciled.

4.       Once the actual transfer has been made, intimation via SMS on number seeded against UAN, and email will be sent.

5.       Form 13 will need to be used to apply in order to carry out a physical transfer. This is only in the following cases:

-          Earlier UAN was not seeded with the Aadhar

-          UAN and Aadhar were seeded but not verified

-          EPF transfer form or to exempted establishment

6.       It will be extremely difficult to transfer old accumulations into the new account without the Aadhar card, and therefore employers must ensure Aadhar number is filled in EPFO portal.
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