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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Latest Amendment to the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act

Taking cue from the Maharashtra Amendment to the Shops and Establishments Act, the Tamil Nadu Government has also brought into  effect its latest amendment to the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act. This amendment allows shops and establishments to remain open for business throughout the year.

The implications of the Act on the employees are as follows:

- The mandatory weekly holiday has been replaced with the option of a holiday once a week on rotational basis. The employer must display lists of employees on leave, updated every day in a conspicuous place.

- The maximum hours of working for any employee shall be eight hours a day, and forty eight hours a week. Including overtime, no employee shall be made to work more than ten hours a day and for fifty four hours in any week.

- No women shall be made to work beyond 8p.m in the normal course. In the event that women work in shifts, the employee shall ensure that transport arrangements are made for them.

- If any provisions are found violated, the Inspector shall initiate penal action in accordance with the dictate in the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act and Rules

- The provisions shall be in operation for an initial period of one year, unless revoked.