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Friday, 17 April 2020

Covid-19: Guidelines for Working Establishments Following 20th April Relaxation

The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced an extension of the lockdown till 3rd May, 2020. He however, assured the public that there would be a relaxation and certain commercial entities would be allowed to function with stipulated restrictions. An official document outlining the guidelines and observances was released soon after. While there were several factors included in the document, this article focuses on the directives and SOP’s issued to management of establishments functioning from 20th April.

Measures for Special Care

The government has advised that individuals above 65 with co-morbidities be made to work from home. In manufacturing facilities, repeated re-enforcement of hygiene practices must be made.

Mandatory observances at all official premises working from 20th April include:

Logistic Arrangements
·         Provision of transport facilities for all those coming to and leaving work from outside. The responsibility of providing transport rests with the employer. Vehicles must work at a maximum of 30 to 40% capacity
·        All vehicles and machinery entering the premises must be disinfected before they are allowed beyond the entry gate

  • Anyone entering and leaving the premises must undergo mandatory thermal scanning first
  • All non-essential visitors must be banned from entering
·         Entrance, canteen, cafeteria, meeting rooms, open areas, conference rooms, bunkers, cabins and building spaces must be disinfected thoroughly
·         Hand sanitizer must be stocked adequately and made available at all entry and exit points, and all public places
·         Workspace must be sanitized between shifts. Common surfaces to be cleaned frequently and thoroughly
·         Spitting, tobacco and gutka to be strictly banned

Social Distancing Measures
·         Staggering of lunch timings to ensure social distancing
·         A minimum gap of 1 hour to be maintained between shifts
·         Maximum of 2 to 4 people to travel together in hoists and lifts  
·         Use of staircase to be encouraged
·         Discourage gathering of over 10 people
·         Ensure a minimum distance of 6 feet between people during training and meetings

·         Mandatory insurance for all workers
·         Make available list of all nearby hospitals and clinics authorized to treat Covid-19

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